About Us

The Evolution of The Golden Ratio®


From the age of ten I was fascinated with fashion and design, sketching everything from jeans to hoodies, to t-shirts, searching for the element that would raise the gold standard of clothing forever.  

At fourteen I was a struggling high school freshman getting dropped from math class for under-performing. On my last day in the class the teacher digressed from the lesson to explain The Golden Ratio® and its remarkable properties. The possibilities of how I could utilize this proportion sparked my imagination and gave my vision form and direction.

I began studying 1: 1.618 and soon realized the scope of this proportion, not only throughout the universe but in us as well. Immediately, I understood the value The Golden Ratio® holds, It became clear to me how I could apply this proportion to realize it’s potential. 


The Golden Ratio® is usually a two dimensional proportion, I spent more than a year converting the ratio into the third dimension. Once completed and ready for sampling, The Golden Ratio® Fit was conceived. The first practical and functional application of The Golden Ratio® designed for you.  

The Golden Ratio® was seamlessly applied to the first sample. The next three years were devoted to fine tuning all other elements of the shirt to match the perfection of the tapered fit.


The Golden Ratio® is the foundation of perfection which I strive to represent in every aspect of its application to you. 

After testing hundreds of fabrics, searching for perfection, I was fixated on a single sample of black fabric. I knew this fabric was the perfect element to complement The Golden Ratio® . 

All IMMITIS garments are crafted exclusively with American grown and American made Supima Cotton - Pima cotton that's only grown and made in USA, ours is milled in North Carolina. Supima Cotton is ethically grown with a verified sustainable supply chain. SUPIMA X IMMITIS

With The Golden Ratio® Fit exemplifying perfection the final step was to ensure the quality of construction followed suit. This lead to a boutique manufacturer in the Los Angeles art district where each shirt is hand inspected.  

I can't wait for you to experience why The Golden Ratio® Fit feels like nothing you've ever worn!
Lexington Munoz