How do I know what size I am?
The Golden Ratio T is a tapered fit that runs small as it's designed to contour to your body- If you are between sizes I suggest sizing up for the optimal fit.

What is The Golden Ratio®  and why did we apply it for you? 
1: 1.618   -   Click here to find out!

How is The Golden Ratio® applied to the IMMITIS fit?
The Golden Ratio equals 1.618: 1 and exists in the male bodies shoulder to waist proportion respectively. 
I have designed the first tapered fit to follow the proportion of The Golden Ratio creating the first quantifiably perfect fit (shirt) to accentuate and enhance your physic. 
The Fit is Initiated by the angle of the armhole to form a broad shouldered silhouette, which flows down through the chest, tapering at the waist, to then lay effortlessly at the hip.

What is the shirt made out of?
The IMMITIS GRF T-shirt is made with SUPIMA, the world’s finest cotton.
American Grown on family farms and milled in North Carolina SUPIMA represents less than 1% of the cotton grown in the world.
What makes SUPIMA (“Superior-Pima Cotton”) unique is it’s extra-long staple fiber that gives the cotton it’s premium properties: 

  • STRENGTH: Twice as strong as regular cotton resisting pulling, breaking, and tearing to ensure that your IMMITIS T retains it’s perfect fit all day.
  • SOFTNESS: Inherently softer and more luxurious the extra-long staple fibers resist pill and create a sumptuous and supple feel that lasts. 
  • VIBRANT COLORS: Finer fibers absorb dye better resulting in lasting colors that keep their brilliance wash after wash.

Is the IMMITIS T-shirt sustainable? 
Yes! SUPIMA'S family of cotton growers use the most technologically advanced agricultural processes available. Setting environmental and ethical standards for cotton around the world. In addition the SUPIMA supply chain is fully traceable and third party verified by Oritain. 

  • Zero Waste:All plant materials besides the seed and fiber is captured during the ginning process and is utilized locally
    -SUPIMA SEEDS: One of the most valuable products of the seed is cottonseed oil. After crushing the seed to extract the oil, the seed hull is an important source of protein that can be integrated into feed mixes for livestock.
  • Water Management: Fields are laser-leveled to maximize water use efficiency either through drip or flood irrigation.  
  • Soil Conservation: The regular rotation of crops and GPS guided tractors optimizes soil health keeping nutrient levels balanced. 

Where is the shirt made? 
The shirt is made in Los Angeles, California; at a Boutique manufacturer where each shirt is hand inspected for quality control.

Will there be more styles in this fit?
Yes, soon! While a black and white T is the staple in every man’s wardrobe, we will develop The Golden Ratio® Fit creating a wide range of styles including numerous color options, and finishes such as a Vneck, scallop bottom, split hem etc. To Follow, IMMITIS will expand its line with long sleeves, henleys, a premium hoodie, and much more all designed in The Golden Ratio Fit.